Laying the groundwork for war

On his YouTube show, Jimmy Dore (who is brilliant, by the way) highlighted a survey conducted by MSNBC, in which they actually asked viewers: “Should the US launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea?” The response was one-sided: Only 10% were in favor of that, and Dore goes on at length about how this shows the public doesn’t agree with the policies of their leaders.

But I don’t believe that was the actual point of the poll – there’s a longer game than that. Of course they knew that people don’t want to launch another war of aggression. (Our last large-scale war of aggression was Iraq, which hasn’t turned out so well.)

The point is to start the conversation. They ask poll questions like this, talk about the questions, and then after a while they can turn the conversation to, “Well, we’ve been talking about a pre-emptive strike on North Korea for a while now – isn’t it about time something happens?” And there’s your war.

This poll wasn’t created to find out what the public wants. It was created to pull the idea into the public consciousness.

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