Blaze of Glory

I started to wake up to the unsustainability of our system back in 2008, and once you start down that road it’s only a matter of time before you start to wonder if you’re crazy: While you’re in a near-panic about the imminent collapse of our country, the rest of your fellow Americans, supported by the media, think that our “happy motoring” lifestyle (h/t Jim Kuntsler) will go on forever, and that you’re some kind of tinfoil-hat-wearing nut for suggesting otherwise.

Of course, numbers, facts, and logic don’t lie, and the fact that the majority are engaging in denial and wishful thinking doesn’t make them right. But that doesn’t make it any easier to be in the minority, feeling like a “Cassandra” while your friends and family go merrily and ignorantly about their lives.

For those who feel the same, I give you Blaze of Glory by The Alarm: Hopefully it reminds you of the strength you have, and the importance of continuing to speak out no matter the cost.

(It’s not the easiest to understand; lyrics can be found here.)

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