Trump, already owned

I voted for Trump, not because I like the man, but because of the positions he consistently put forth. Nonintervention. Border security. Restructuring trade deals. Less than four months in, he’s either abandoned or reversed every position on his platform.

After talking repeatedly about nonintervention, he’s staffed up with neocons, bombed Syria, threatened North Korea, is exploring major buildups in Syria and Afghanistan, and is about to push through one of the biggest arms sales deals in history to an autocracy that beheads more people each year than ISIS (ie Saudi Arabia). His olive branch to Russia is gone. His proposed budget has a huge boost to military spending.

During the campaign, he said the UN and NATO are obsolete; now they’re fine.

He put forth a nationalist economic vision as a candidate, then staffed his administration with globalist Goldman bankers who are ready to gut our regulations in the banks’ favor.

Legislatively he failed to come through on pushing a real alternative to Obamacare (the current bill is spectacularly weak sauce, and has not even made it to the Senate yet). The first continuing resolution to go through Congress has no funds for his much-vaunted wall.

I don’t regret my vote, in the sense that I had no choice: Either vote for the person who says they’re going to create change, even if there’s a 90% chance they’re either lying or incompetent, or vote for the person who advocates for the status quo, when there’s a 100% chance they’re going to succeed.

But to me, this was the final proof that change is impossible on the political front. If things are going to change, they’ll have to change despite – not because of – politicians.

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