The corporate food system

Until recently – maybe 100 years ago or less – food was an intensely local and personal endeavor. With the exception of some dry goods, which could be transported and stored, most foods were locally sourced. Most fruits and vegetables were sold based on what was locally grown and in season – and depending on where you lived, some or most of them came out of your own backyard. Meats were butchered and sold fresh. And in the majority of cases, the farms where those foods came from were small and local.

Today, corporations dominate every element of the food production process, from the point at which food is produced (and even before) to the point at which it ends up on your table at home or in a restaurant:

Of course, corporate dominance in the food industry is not automatically a bad thing: Corporations can offer efficiencies and economies of scales that make food more affordable and available. But in reality, as in other industries, big business’ relentless pursuit of profits over principle have resulted in an unsafe and unhealthy system – one that consumers should learn about and avoid to the extent possible.


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