CNN is disgusting

As most people know, President Trump recently tweeted a short video from his WWF cameo days, in which a younger Trump body-slammed someone in a business suit – except in this video, the CNN logo was on the head of the victim. It was tasteless and completely non-presidential, although on the other hand it was awfully funny.

It was uncalled for and inappropriate, though it was well-deserved: CNN has been over the top in its relentless criticism of the new president, going so far as to publish lies and half-truths to make their case. As Project Veritas undercover videos show, that was done intentionally, for ratings, with full knowledge that there was nothing behind their assertions.

Yesterday, CNN left their façade of credibility behind completely, and jumped into the advocacy-not-journalism space with both feet. They tracked down the creator of that WWF meme and publicly threatened to unmask him unless he apologized and promised to never do it again. The “publicly” part is important, as it was a threat not only to him but to anyone else who might want to criticize the network.

This is a direct attack on First Amendment rights, which is ironic coming from a supposed news organization. The network was a joke before this; it has now, of its own volition, proven itself to be a malicious liar, and fully deserves to have its license revoked.

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One Response to CNN is disgusting

  1. Noelle says:

    Honestly, is ANYONE even watching CNN? I don’t, and I mute all commercials. AND never watch the news! It is all the same just different talking heads!


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